House Call Services

It's not always convenient to take your pet to the veterinarian, and that's why at Carling Animal Hospital, the veterinarians can visit you and your pets at home. Our house call service is perfect for pets and their owners who prefer to remain at home. Our service is available throughout the region of Ottawa Carleton, two days each week initially. Call to book an appointment or for more details (613)725-3439



Fees for services are all the same as they are in our clinic. House call fees vary. Please call us for more details.


- Primary Care       - Lab Tests
- Examinations      - Vaccinations
- Health Assessments      - Preventative Care
- Pain Management      - Senior Pet Care
- Nutritional Support      - Behavioural Consultations
- Peaceful Home Euthanasia

Wellness Checks:

Arrange for your pet's health care to take place in the comfort of your own home. Contact us by phone (613) 725-3439 or email: and our Client Care Representatives will be happy to book a House Call Appointment for you.


If we come to your home and your pet requires hospitalization we can transport him or her back to our hospital for the necessary care.

Routine Tests:

Samples of blood urine, feces and cytological testing can be collected at your home and delivered to Carling Animal Hospital for analysis.


Our Veterinarians will carry a supply of prescription medications such as antibiotics, eye and ear medications, pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and parasite control products. All other prescriptions can be filled and picked up in person at Carling Animal Hospital or special arrangements for prescription delivery can be made.

End of Life Care and Euthanasia:

One of the most difficult and important decisions we make for our pets is to let them go when they no longer have quality of life. It is important for all people involved to take whatever time is needed to feel comfortable and confident with the process. We want our pets to pass peacefully and without fear. Euthanasia in the home allows for family and friends to be present in familiar and comfortable surroundings at the end of their pet's life. Options for care of remains can be discussed and decided upon in advance.

Book a Visit

Book a visit by calling Carling Animal Hospital at (613) 725-3439 or send and email request to with details about the service you are seeking.