Pet Care /Dentistry

Dentistry and Teeth Cleaning


An oral exam is performed at the time of your pet's annual check-up such that the Doctor may identify:

  • Evidence of dental disease (i.e. bad breath, gingivitis or tartar)
  • Broken or potentially painful teeth
  • Oral masses, tumours or ulcers
  • Abnormal odour (stemming from lodged foreign material or organ dysfunction conditions such as renal disease or diabetes)
  • Baby teeth, extra teeth, or misaligned teeth that might lead to future problems

Pets Need Dental Care Too.

Teeth Cleaning

Performed under General Anesthetic, once your pet's teeth have been ultrasonically cleaned, the doctor probes the gum line at each tooth to measure the pocket depth and any gum recession. If needed, dental x-rays and any necessary extractions are then performed.

Dental disease is estimated to affect 90% of pets aged 5 years or older. Food particles and naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth develop into tartar/calculus within 48 hours in the absence of effective brushing & flossing.

Inflamed gums are similar to an open, infected sore. As your pet chews its food, the inflamed gums bleed, thereby allowing bacteria easy access into the bloodstream. The bacteria which is carried through the bloodstream can cause liver infection, kidney infection/failure, heart valve infection & arthritis, not to mention pain & eventual tooth loss.

Carling Animal Hospital dentistry and teath cleaning
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