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Surgery - Spays - Neuters

Surgical procedures are performed on week-days, and range from spays and neuters to exploratory procedures and suturing lacerations.

Pets can be spayed or neutered once they reach 6 months of age. Recommended for all cats, dogs and rabbits.

Spaying a pet entails surgical removal of the female reproductive tract, whereas neutering a male entails surgical removal of the testicles.

Spaying a female pet avoids the inconvenience of heat cycles, eliminates life-threatening infections of the uterus, and decreases the risk of breast cancer. Neutering a male pet decreases the incidence of tumors of the anus, rectum, testicles, & prostate. Surgery may also decrease the tendency to stray or roam. Neutering a domestic rabbit can also decrease aggressive tendencies, biting, and thumping the hind feet.

Other Surgeries

Should your pet require a more involved surgery, our Hospital also performs Cruciate Ligament Repairs, Femoral Head Osteotomies, Tibial Crest Transplants, and Pinning of fractured bones, Growth removals, Enucleations, Wound repair, Cystotomies and Hematoma repairs.

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